Stefano Martignago,

visual designer, born in Switzerland 1962.

Started his professional career of a graphic designer in the renowned

design firm Giacometti Associati, where he began designing product identities,

for Aprilia Motorcycles and Benetton Home Textiles.

Later he worked for many years with Franco Giacometti (AD),

on Aprilia Motorcycles corporate identity, designing brochures, packaging,

press folders and company signage.

Marta Patrizi,

visual designer, born in Vicenza 1968.

Studied design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan.

After a Marketing and Communication course at C.U.O.A., she began

her professional career at Studio Print Communication Agency in Vicenza.

Later she moved to Treviso and became part of Giacometti Associati (as Martignago),

where she worked as a visual designer and headed the trends research department.